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electrical wiring

Electrical wiring is the installation of cables which connects various electrical devices like MCB, ELCB, RCCB, sockets, power points, bulb, switches, spare connections, etc.

A wiring diagram will specify the dimensions and specifications of the electrical system and it details the information about the arrangement and structure of the electrical circuit using respective symbols.

For various regions, different wiring standards are recommended by the respective technical standard or safety authorities. Wiring color codes, safety standards, and specification of materials, etc… are needed to be mandatorily followed as per the rules.


How to wire a Switch box

Switch box wiring or switchboard wiring is a common wiring arrangement used in most house electrical wirings or switchboards. The given circuit is a basic switchboard wiring for a light switch and 3 pin socket with...

Extension cord wiring diagram 0

Extension cord wiring diagram

An extension cord also called an extension lead or power extender is a power supply expanding the box. It is a lengthy flexible electrical cable with a plug at one end and multiple sockets on...