Distribution Board Wiring Diagram – How to wire DB

Distribution Board or DB is an electricity supply system or a common enclosure that distributes the electrical power feed into subcircuits. It includes isolator, RCCB (Residual current circuit breaker) or RCD (Residual-current device) devices, protective fuses or MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breaker) for each subcircuit, etc.

The Phase and Neutral supply lines (230V AC 50Hz/60Hz) are fed to the DB through the service drop running from the utility pole. It is then connected to the energy meter through a fuse.

The phase and neutral lines from the energy meter are connected to the main isolator. The isolator is used to OPEN and CLOSE the lines manually, which is the main switch of the electrical system.


The phase and neutral lines from the isolator are then connected to the RCCB. The RCCB is a device used to protect from current leakage. It operates during fault conditions due to current leakage as well as during electric shock when somebody comes to contact with phase and earth.

DB wiring diagram, distribution board wiring diagram

From RCCB the Neutral lines are connected to the neutral link. And the phase lines are connected parallel to MCB’s. The MCB is used to protect from overcurrent resulted due to overload or short circuit.

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Through the MCB phase lines are distributed to electrical wiring for lighting, fixed devices, and power distribution points. This type of arrangement is the commonly used method of distribution board for house wiring.

The cable or wire size, the rating of breakers, fuse, etc depends on the type of wiring, purpose, and rating of loads. It should be properly selected as per the recommended standards and safety requirements.

The neutral and earth lines are distributed to the subcircuits through the neutral link and earth link respectively. The earth line running from the earth link is connected to the earth pit with an earth rod. Earthing is very essential for the protection of the electrical system, so it should be ensured that earthing is proper.

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