Is it safe to replace 15 amp breakers with 20 amp breakers?

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  1. Adarsh says:

    Theoretically, it is not safe, because you have to know about the rest of the circuits and the devices connected to it. Suppose if the maximum current or ratings of other equipment or wiring has a maximum value equal to or just above 15 amperes, then the breaker cannot protect the circuit as it operates only at 20 amperes.
    If all other devices and wiring in the circuit can withstand or operate with a load value up to 20amperes or above, then you can use a 20amp breaker.

  2. guard ineer says:

    The breaker protects the wire, say 15 Ampere breaker for #14 AWG for residential homes. The breaker takes a while to shut off power depending on the type of fault. For a short circuit, the breaker should trip instantaneously. For arcing or high resistance faults, the breaker can take several seconds to shut off power.
    Arc-Fault breakers that detect high-resistance slow burning faults are mandated for bedrooms, living spaces in some Electrical Codes. Never change a breaker for a higher rated one unless you are licensed & know what you’re doing.

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