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electrical wiring

Electrical wiring is the installation of cables which connects various electrical devices like MCB, ELCB, RCCB, sockets, power points, bulb, switches, spare connections, etc.

A wiring diagram will specify the dimensions and specifications of the electrical system and it details the information about the arrangement and structure of the electrical circuit using respective symbols.

For various regions, different wiring standards are recommended by the respective technical standard or safety authorities. Wiring color codes, safety standards, and specification of materials, etc… are needed to be mandatorily followed as per the rules.

Coast 3-way or California 3-way wiring system 0

Coast 3-way or California 3-way wiring system

Coast 3-way or California 3-way wiring are a method of connection that can be used for staircase wiring or multiway switching setups. In this wiring configuration, the first pole of both switches carries the phase...


Different Types of Conduit Wiring

Conduit wiring refers to a type of electrical wiring where the electrical wires are encased in a conduit, which is a tube made of metal or plastic. The conduit protects the wires from damage...


Ceiling Fan and Light wiring circuit diagram

A single fan and light control using an individual switch is a very commonly used wiring circuit in house, offices, etc. In the circuit, the phase line is connected parallel to the one pole...


Master Switch wiring diagram

In electrical wiring, a master switch is a switch that can ON or OFF or both ON/OFF a group of loads irrespective of their individual ON/OFF switch control. Using a master ON circuit a...


How to wire a DB – Distribution Board Wiring

Distribution Board or DB is an electricity supply system or a common enclosure that distributes the electrical power feed into subcircuits. It includes isolator, RCCB (Residual current circuit breaker) or RCD (Residual-current device) devices, protective fuses or MCB’s (Miniature Circuit...


Which bulb will glow brighter in series wiring?

In series connections, we can always encounter with a popular question, which bulb will glow brighter when the lamps have different power ratings. We know that the current through a series path will be...