Electrical & Electronics Quantities Units and Symbols

Electrical Quantity Quantity Symbol Unit Unit Symbol
Admittance Y Siemens Ω−1
Apparent Power S Volt-Ampere VA
Capacitance C Farad f
Charge Q Coulomb C
Conductance G Siemens Ω−1
Conductivity σ (sigma) siemens per metre S/m
Current A Ampere I
Electric Charge Q Ampere-hour Ah
Frequency f Hertz Hz
Heat H Joule J
Impedance Z Ohm Ω
Inductance L Henry H
Luminance Lux Candela per square meter cd/m2
Luminous Flux Φv lumen lm
Magnetic flux Φ Weber Wb
Magnetic Flux Density B Tesla T
Magnetic Permeability µ (mu) Henry per Metre H/m
Permittivity ε (epsilon) Farad per Metre F/m
Power (Active Power) P Watts W
Proportion unit Decibel dB
Reactive Power Q Volt-Ampere Reactive var
Magnetic Reluctance R  Inverse Henry H−1
Resistance R Ohm Ω
Resistivity ρ (Rho) Ohm meter Ωm
Voltage E or V Volt v
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