How to make arduino attiny programmer shield

Arduino shields are additional functional boards which can be quickly plugged on top of  Arduino boards. An ATtiny programming shield is used to upload the Arduino programs to an ATtiny chip, using an Arduino board as an ISP programmer.

ATtiny programming Shield circuit for ATtiny25/V / ATtiny45/V / ATtiny85/V

arduino attiny85 programmer shield

 Pin connection between Arduino and ATtiny

attiny pin diagram,attiny85 pcb

Pin name Arduino Uno pin number ATtiny pin number
MOSI 11 5
MISO 12 6
SCK 13 7

arduino attiny85 programmer

Pins 8 Vcc and 4 GND  are connected to the 5V and GND on the Arduino board. A 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor is connected between the Reset and Ground of the Arduino.

attiny isp shield arduino programming shield      attiny85 programmer circuit

To indicate the programmer status, additional LEDs can be added to the Arduino pins listed below.

Arduino Pin 9: Heartbeat – shows the programmer is running

Arduino Pin 8: Error – Lights up if something goes wrong

Arduino Pin 7: Programming – In communication with the slave

Connect LEDs with a resistor to Arduino pins.

LED pin configurations are as per ISP sketch” ArduinoISP version 04m3″.

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