Single phase induction Meter Advantages & Disadvantages

Single phase induction meters are very popular for domestic and industrial use because of its wide application as energy meter. Induction meter includes types such as induction voltmeters, induction Ammeters and induction watt-hour meters.

induction meter , single phase induction meter

Advantages of Induction meter

  • No moving iron.
  • High torque is to weight ratio.
  • The moving element has no electrical contact with the circuit.
  • Less affected by stray magnetic field.
  • More accurate on a wide range of loads.
  • Good damping.

Disadvantages of Induction meter

  • Without proper compensation measures, a considerable amount of errors are caused in the measurement due to temperature, waveform and frequency changes.
  • Induction meters can use only for AC measurements.
  • They consume a considerable amount of power.
  • They have nonlinear scales.

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