How to wire a Switch box

Switch box wiring or switchboard wiring is a common wiring arrangement used in most house electrical wirings or switchboards. The given circuit is a basic switchboard wiring for a light switch and 3 pin socket with control switch.

How to wire up a switchboard

In the below wiring diagram, one pole of the both SPST (single pole single throw) switches s1 & s2 are connected to the phase line of the supply. The other pole of switch S1 is connected to the lamp. And the switch S2 is connected to the phase pole of the three pin socket.

switch box wiring diagram, 3 pin socket with switch connectionHere only one lamp is connected from the switch box. The number of loads can be extended by adding more loads in parallel to the lamp. But, the wiring capacity and rating of components should be considered while adding more loads in parallel. For the independent control of additional loads, connect the loads directly from the phase through another switch. Connect the Earth line to the earth pole of the socket. The neutral line is commonly distributed to the lamp and neutral pole of the socket.

Switch box wiring components required

Component specification Quantity
MCB 250V , 50Hz , 5A 1
Switch SPST, 250V, 5A 2
Lamp  230V 1
3 pin socket  230V , 5A 1

Power point wiring diagram

A power point wiring has a circuit similar to a normal 3 pin socket connection with a switch control. But unlike a normal electrical outlet wiring, power outlet connections are taken directly from the main distribution box. And it shares no any parallel connections with the phase or neutral from other loads or sockets.

A simple electrical outlet is an extension connection taken from a nearby phase, neutral, earth poles. Sometimes 3 core wires are used for such connections. But in a power point wiring, 3 core wires are not used for wiring. Single core wires mainly with copper are used for the connection. Because normally power points are used to operate high power rated devices with heavy loads such as compressors, heaters, ups, etc.

Earthing is very important for a power point box. Because it is essential for the safety and to prevent shock from the metallic body or open contacts of the devices.

power point wiring

The circuit arrangement is very simple to wire. The neutral and earth line from the DB is connected directly to the respective ‘N’ and ‘E’ poles of the socket. The phase line is connected to pole ‘P’ through an SPST switch.

To make the wiring easy and to avoid wrong connections, it is better to label the ends of the wires. Also, a standard colour code can be followed for choosing wire colours.  The Colour coding of the wires varies by region, so it is better to follow the recommended colour code of own region. Because during maintenance, fault detection and repair works it will be easy for the electricians to identify the correct wires and spot out the wiring circuit.

A standard colour code of wires followed for power plug connections.

Colour Connection
Green Earth
Black Neutral
Red Phase
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